4 teams qualify for the competition:

- the two 9th placed teams in the two 1st Division groups;

- the two 2nd placed teams in the two 2nd Division groups.

Knockout stage:



4 teams contest 2 places in the 1st Division in a knockout format.


4 teams are drawn into 2 pairs.

Teams are seeded into 2 pots, as follows:

Pot 1: the 2 1st Division teams;

Pot 2: the 2 2nd Division teams.

Teams from Pot 1 are drawn against teams from Pot 2.

Winners are decided over one leg, with extra time and penalties if score is level after regular time.

The matches are played at neutral venues.

Qualification for 1st Division and 2nd Division:

the two Finals winners: enter 1st Division

the two Finals losers: enter 2nd Division